terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2011

My simple verses

Sitting to write a poem is a pleasure
Although I know my verses are that simple...
But that’s the way I’ve found to tell the world
Things I’ve kept secretly in the bottom of my heart.
Things everyone feels and keeps forever
As a great but forbidden love,
As a mere smile unknown,
Gotten or given, no matter the way they’re shown.
So are my verses!
Sometimes I keep wondering how behaves a human being...
We live escaping from ourselves all the time
As if we were about to commit an error
And as if making errors was not humane!
Some people live as stepping on eggs
Fearing to be censured for their acts!
Many of us remain slaves of our judgment and cry inside
While pretending a  smile to be seen outside...
Yes... But life is made of verse and reverse!
And so... That’s the way I’ve chosen
To write all my simple verses.