terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2011

Describing You

Your face, a smile.
Your eyes, two stars.
Your lips, strawberries.
Your legs,
Two chocolate bars!

Your kiss, a sweet.
Your love, immense.
Your name, a secret.
Losing you,
The very nonsense!



You know and I know
My thoughts are of you.
It’s clear like the snow
Our dreams will come true.
You say and I say
We do need each other.
We’re close in one day
And far in another
‘Cause destiny is made
To make love confused.
Sometimes seems to fade,
Sometimes is amused.
Alone in a crowd,
Alone on a hill
Even so, I’m proud
Of loving you still.
I do go on waiting
My luck break one day.
I’ll be celebrating
With you on my way!

Wondering about you

I confess I know nothing about you
Although sometimes I think I know a lot.
I often ask myself the same old questions
As if just looking for any suggestions
But get as answers questions in my thoughts…

When face to face I stare into your eyes
And get lost ‘cause I don’t know what to do,
I feel like holding you tight in my arms
(No matter I cause myself even some harms)
And in the end I wonder about you.

If I were the wind for a little while,
Oh! For sure I’d slide over your whole body,
I would pass through the waves of your hair
And I would caress very slowly and fair
Each strand of each wave sighing as nobody.


My thoughts make me look kind of crazy
When sometimes I catch myself  flying
Keeping for hours as a lazy,
Traveling, running, stopping, lying…

Simple is to think: You just sit,
Close your eyes, let your mind go long.
You’ll find all the ways that will fit
Wings and winds sounding like a song,

Crossing  the space, soaring the trees.
You’ll feel the breeze touching your hair
When it is coming from the sea.
And so is the nature being fair.

Oh! You might think that I’m a fool
But if you try to do the same
You’ll realize that life is cool!
Live and let live, you’re not to blame!

Come on

Don’t let me just wonder
the things I should  do.
Tell me what I want
to know about you.
You live inside me,
you turn me inside out.
Don’t play hide-and-seek.
Tell me all about

your sentiment, your thoughts,
achievements and gains,
what you haven’t got
or what still remains.

My thoughts are for you
wherever I go.
I’ve tried to get through,
it’s been in vain though.

I feel kind of dizzy
on the edge of a cliff.
Only you make me easy.
Come on, life is brief !

Sweet cute workaholic

It’s early and she gets up,
in a hurry takes a shower,
dresses up, she’s on a diet, light breakfast.
Laptop is on, she eats
and life is on, heart beats.
Back on schedule,
finishes eating already working,
kisses the boy –  he goes to school,
a smile, two smiles, life is on, work is on,
two cell phones, telephone rings,
time flies    big wings,
a quick lunch – diet lunch.
Back to work, hard day,
a lecture somewhere, success, success.
Back home, fitness gets rid of stress,
gloves are off – just plans… more plans,
love… where’s love?
Loneliness, just loneliness…
She doesn’t know… yet,  she’s got a fan.
Now she’s nothing but a woman… she got a man.

As time goes by

Time has gone
Leaving just memories,
Laughs and stories.
Then, together.
Now, alone...

Time has gone
Carrying facts,
Leaving dreams.
Then, promises forever.
Now, they’re none...

Time has gone
Escaping from us,
Then, plenty of faces.
Now, no one...

Time has gone.
All has gone,
Even you and me.
Then, we were one.
Now, we’re two.  How come... How come ?!...

My simple verses

Sitting to write a poem is a pleasure
Although I know my verses are that simple...
But that’s the way I’ve found to tell the world
Things I’ve kept secretly in the bottom of my heart.
Things everyone feels and keeps forever
As a great but forbidden love,
As a mere smile unknown,
Gotten or given, no matter the way they’re shown.
So are my verses!
Sometimes I keep wondering how behaves a human being...
We live escaping from ourselves all the time
As if we were about to commit an error
And as if making errors was not humane!
Some people live as stepping on eggs
Fearing to be censured for their acts!
Many of us remain slaves of our judgment and cry inside
While pretending a  smile to be seen outside...
Yes... But life is made of verse and reverse!
And so... That’s the way I’ve chosen
To write all my simple verses.

My Daily Routine

I live my whole day
Just thinking about you
But one thing is remarkable:
An image of your body
Remains in my mind...
I can’t forget it...
You were wearing a blue blouse
Hiding the soft lines of your exciting body
And the beauty of your navel...
Yes, your delicate navel...
Which sometimes appeared for me 
As challenging my eyes 
While you were stretching and yawning,
Showing your lips
Oh delicious strawberries
And you were sleepy and wonderful...
How wonderful !...
That’s been my daily routine.
I see me as walking on the edge of a cliff.
That’s true.
And I don’t know what to do.

You just you are the pure ecstasy in blaze
Daring my limits...
Daring my limits... 
And making me crazy !

In a land of Poetry

One day I walked through so beautiful land
Which was given just to me by the Nature!
It was like prairies that had not an end...
And like an immense garden with no creature!

Broods of birds were chirping a symphony
Singing to the wind an unknown nice song
Maybe thanking  for living in harmony,
Just the way of living for sure  we long...

At night, the Moon slid bright and so brilliant!
In a lake a cobswan swam elegant
Like a debutant very well made-up!

One day, I stepped on that land of poetry
And lived in the Nature with no mystery
But...Suddenly... Not wanting... I woke up!...

As pure as true

Your face is as smooth as the smoothest flower!
Your eyes have the bright of the brightest star!
Your smile just seems to hide a great power,
Strong that arrests me and let not me far!

I feel so embarrassed when I’m  close to you!
Heartbeats increase and I can’t even say
A praise or some words I know I should do! 
In spite of the facts... You are on my way!

The angels are flying from heaven to see
And advise you – just soaring above:
“You should take your time, to live and be free!”

But your soul is clean, as pure as a dove,
Fair as the sentiment I carry with me...
And your love is pure as true is my love !

A rhymed message


I can no longer see your eyes, they’re far from me.
But when I think of you, I feel happy, you see.
And when you  speak... I wonder but I can’t hear you.
Close to you I was so strong... Now I just feel  blue...
If I no more remember the taste of your lips,
Oh  I feel, as if  by magic, your tender nips.
And if I no longer merit you, oh my dear,
Just know the truth: My life is loneliness and fear.
You’ve got to know how to live and you’ve got it made...
As for me, I am  between the cross and the blade.
Love is a Cupid’s arrow in an open field:
It comes strongly, so fast that suddenly we  yield !
My heart is waiting for you and hopefully it beats.
And you know just where I am... loving you... For keeps.

Sometimes we may lose a good chance by thinking twice.
- Neither we are good gamblers nor our lives are dices!
If you change your mind, call me up as you did erst.
We trust each other, you know... Think! I was the first !

Ode to my nose

The tip of my nose
Was made on purpose
To get there before
No matter what for.
Maybe just to feel
The smell of one’s meal
And then tell my brain
The kind of the grain
That most interest me
Before my eyes see.
This way I can choose
Between duck and goose !
And my nose goes on...
Goes proud of his own,
Pioneering the air,
Courageous and fair,
Sometimes not so good
But always good mood !
Never is he nosy...
But just makes me cozy !

A Man's birthday

It’s Christmas and that man is alone...
Cards, hugs, kisses on the phone...
I think he is sad despite the celebrations.
Gifts just gifts without innovations.
Alone in a crowd, he looks for his name...
Nobody announces him. Talks are the same.
Garlands and trees, shiny colorful balls;
People up and down just crowding the malls!
Whose birthday is that? Why people rejoice?
Oh! The media announcing, there is no choice.
Most of them know nothing about (it), I guess.
They drink and dance, yell and make mess.
And that man goes lone looking over hills
Dancers and drunkards spinning like mills...
He’s not far!  He’s here!  He’s everywhere!
He lives and still cares for us somewhere!
He has done His task and shown us the way.
He was crucified , died to pay
Our sins and faults. He gave us Salvation!
Oh! He’s Jesus... Forgive us, Lord!... Congratulations!!! 


Sometimes I open my eyes in the dawn...
It’s early... I pray, look around and yawn...
In my thoughts I back till many years ago
Just looking for my life... Once, twice or so...
Back on the ground, I see that time has gone.
Good memories I have... Bad... Bad are none.
There was no worries, no plans for the future...
Things used to be for the love of adventure.
All boys and girls walking around a square,
Flirting, showing attitudes, clothes, hair...
Eyes crossing eyes as if saying “hi dear!”
Flows of energy flowing with no fear!
I bring everything as if they’re alive.
They feed my spirit and I deeply dive.
My memories...  Memories of all kinds.
They make all my shows whose stage is my mind.
The spectators are my soul and my heart.
Yes...  I still think of them for the most part.
My single play was made by and for me.
Oh... Sorry! This film...  You can never see!

Be simple

Simple things make their way
Without hurry,with no mess.
They go really far away
Like a falcon with no jess.

On the other way around,
Haughtiness is everywhere.
Like a pack that is being bound
To be sent just to nowhere.

Acting simply is not so easy,
This is far already known.
You should be simple and breezy,
Even risking to be thrown

Because stubbornness, you see,
Is an appanage of us!
People ache what they can’t be
Even though they’re making muss.

Life is simple, think of it!
We were born so pure and bare...!
So...Don’t worry, just be fit.
Live your life and make it fair!

LET'S SAVE THE EARTH (from across Universe)

Oh prairies and hills! Oh lakes and sea!
Oh green! Oh blue! All magnificent to see!
Oh splendid view! Horizon unknown!
Oh huge universe, where to have you flown?!...
Which form will you take ? Why stars in profusion?
Will you be my home? Will you be my illusion?
I’m soaring in the air across universe
Watching the splendor that deepen my verse
Our planet slides slowly in the air
Glaring my sight...Yes! And making me fair...

Our planet is blue, our home and  our birth!
Let’s take care of him! Oh ! Let’s save the Earth!

Now I am far from my home, very far...
It appears for me like a blue star...
There isn’t noise. No sound I can hear!
Stars in the darkness – big eyes making fear!
I think to myself: My good navigator
Is God, my Father, magnificent Creator!
But... time to go home, to the green and blue.
I like Universe but, EARTH, I Love You.

No longer

Since the moment I’ve seen you
And it’s been a long, long time,
My sky, my soul have grown blue
And I’ve changed all my mind

In my thoughts I fly away
As soaring over the sea
Going back until those days
When there was only you and me

Getting feet back on the ground
Going nowhere, just being around
My reality I can see.

Dreams are dreams and nothing more
Things can’t be like were before...
There’s no longer... you and me...

Just for you

It was winter, rainy and cold
And I saw you walking alone.
I wondered but I was not told
The number of your telephone.

I’ve walked looking for you
To get close and see me in your eyes.
I wonder even what I could do
While for you my heart still cries.

‘Cause I need your love, I’m around.
And your face is kept in my mind.
I won’t give up till I’ve found.
So  just you, I swear, I will find.

No matter how long I must wait.
No matter what I have to do.
‘Cause nobody can evaluate
How great my love is just for you!