terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2011

LET'S SAVE THE EARTH (from across Universe)

Oh prairies and hills! Oh lakes and sea!
Oh green! Oh blue! All magnificent to see!
Oh splendid view! Horizon unknown!
Oh huge universe, where to have you flown?!...
Which form will you take ? Why stars in profusion?
Will you be my home? Will you be my illusion?
I’m soaring in the air across universe
Watching the splendor that deepen my verse
Our planet slides slowly in the air
Glaring my sight...Yes! And making me fair...

Our planet is blue, our home and  our birth!
Let’s take care of him! Oh ! Let’s save the Earth!

Now I am far from my home, very far...
It appears for me like a blue star...
There isn’t noise. No sound I can hear!
Stars in the darkness – big eyes making fear!
I think to myself: My good navigator
Is God, my Father, magnificent Creator!
But... time to go home, to the green and blue.
I like Universe but, EARTH, I Love You.